Monday, October 16, 2017

New Study Finds Benefits of Mindfulness Meditation Hard to Prove

Mind the Hype,” written by a multidisciplinary team of academics and scientists, seeks to raise the bar for future mindfulness research.

Sunday, October 15, 2017

Tony Robbins starts every morning with an 'adrenal support cocktail,' a 'priming' meditation exercise, and a workout ...

... free range eggs and organic coconut bread. Robbins is far from a foodie, and tends to stick with the same daily meals. tony robbins priming fiji Robbins' "priming" exercise borrows from yoga and mindfulness meditation. Graham Flanagan/Business ...and more »

Square Enix's Project Hikari makes a good case for VR comics

Comics are big business in Japan, but here in the West, Japanese and American titles alike tend to get overshadowed by movies, television and video games.and more »

Comics Shops Fight Bookstores In the Race to Sell Graphic Novels
American comics and graphic novels (and media based on them) are more popular than ever, but the way these works are purchased is being transformed by a new wave of consumers looking for new material and new places to buy it. Pop culture trade news ...

Friday, October 13, 2017

Handyman who allegedly stole rare comics caught in Brooklyn ...

The handyman who allegedly stole $239000 worth of rare comic books and artwork from a New Jersey home was nabbed by cops in Brooklyn on Tuesday ...

DETECTIVE COMICS #966 Confirms TIM Doesn't Know You-Know-Who - SPOILERS
Detective Comics #966 delivers on the promised appearance of Conner Kent, but doesn't bring the hero back, instead taking readers on a wild ride into a possible future for the Bat-family. In the midst of the story, the gun-wielding, "Titans Tomorrow ...
966 966

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Meditation Really Is As Good As Your Crunchy Friends Say

When approached as a practice for maintaining good mental health, mindful meditation can be seen as a powerful cross-section between Eastern contemplative traditions and scientific traditions of the West. The practice can be similar to Cognitive ...

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

THE KING OF NIGHTMARE Chapter Two Jason gazed at the water and wished the waves would tell him where to go


Chapter Two 

Jason gazed at the water and wished the waves would tell him where to go. He'd like to go home, but he didn't have one. Any home he'd ever had, he'd left. He'd grown up in the sleepy Appalachian Mountains, but he'd shaken their old magic clutches and had moved away to all points westward, northward, and any-ward that got him some place new to see. It'd been great until Judith's Hell fractured and Jason's heart got crushed by a skinny girl with a glass soul. Jason hadn't seen his heart or the girl since, and he drew designs in the tan sand with one fingertip, thinking of how cool it'd be for his heart to show up among the seashells and the debris. It'd be shriveled and wasted in a bottle with a wax-sealed cap, and the note would read: "Had it, but couldn't make it work. Return to sender, postage paid upon delivery." As Lord only knew, Judith didn't give away anything for free. 


...the rest of the chapter is continued on Demented Ink's Patreon page. 

First three chapters are free for everyone. The rest of the novel is $2/month plus other perks. 

Updates 1st of every month. 

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Welzen helps you find inner happiness through meditation

Everyone knows that meditation can help to reduce stress and make you feel better about life. But you may not realize how easy it is to get started. Welzen is an app that helps you create the perfect meditation program to fit your routine. You can even ...

How Riverdale made Archie relevant for a new generation of fans

The CW's Riverdale has become a hit by adapting one of the most unlikely pieces of source material: the all-American line of Archie Comics. With a darker, more glamorous take, the show has been able to bring an entirely new audience to the ...and more »

Sonic the Hedgehog's next comics get a fantastic facelift (correction)
Sonic the Hedgehog returns to comic book stores next April, new publisher IDW announced during New York Comic Con. Alongside the news that the first month will feature one new issue per week, the publisher revealed the lead writer for the series ...

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Michael Acton Smith: 'We want to show meditation is common sense'

Like a lot of people, I thought mindfulness or meditation was weird and woo-woo. I assumed it was religious, and I just didn't really get it. The way Mind Candy grew and the challenges when it started to come down were very stressful. I had a time when ...

Monday, October 9, 2017

My Makeup Routine Is My Morning Meditation

From behind, I suppose it could look like I actually am meditating. On the floor of my bedroom I sit, legs crossed, in front of a mirror that leans against the wall. I hate doing my makeup standing up, where I become distracted by the effort it takes ...

DC Comics' Watchmen crossover reveals shocking return

Originally published in 1984, Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons' Watchmen remains one of the most influential comic books of all time. The series imagined what superheroes might be like in a realistic world that mirrored our own, and as a result it changed ...

Marvel Comics Cancels Northrop Grumman-Avengers Crossover
Just hours after announcing it on Friday, Marvel Comics has canceled a planned project with defense manufacturer Northrop Grumman. The tie-in was to include an Avengers comic featuring heroes using Northrop Grumman technology and, according to ...

#amwriting #tools #tips #inspiration #motivation

#amwriting #tools #tips #inspiration #motivation
amwriting tools tips inspiration motivation

Over 4K #words #written yesterday

The #new #novel has officially begun!
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It's impossible to figure out how to outline any one aspect of your story in isolation

Instead, learn 3 ways to "bob and weave" from one to the next.

Sunday, October 8, 2017

Different Types Of Meditation Change Different Areas Of The Brain ...

A new study provides compelling evidence that different forms of meditation can change the brain in measurable ways.

Saturday, October 7, 2017

Black Panther's Origins Will Be Explored in a New Comic by io9's Evan Narcisse, a Guy We Know

io9 senior writer Evan Narcisse has been writing about comics for over a decade, but over the past several months, you may have noticed his thoughtful essays on the Big Two comics publishers are missing. That's because Evan has gone from writing about ...

Planet of the Apes villain Ursus gets origin story in new comic
The Planet of the Apes universe just got a bit bigger and badder with the announcement that the most menacing of apes, Ursus, will receive the origin treatment in a new comic book in January. The news was unveiled at the Boom! Studios' Discover YOURS ...

Thursday, October 5, 2017

Top Comics to Buy This Week: October 4, 2017

By Joshua Yehl With dozens of comic books to choose from, let us show you which are the best coming out this week. Take a look at this list spotlighting our favorite comics that we know are money-well-spent and new books that look cool and are backed ...

New comics for the week of Oct. 4, 2017
Another week, another New Comic Book Day! Every week on Wednesday, there are hundreds of comics released from dozens of publishers, and we've got the list of releases from the industry's biggest publishers to help you make your shopping list for your ...

Meditation: The Miracle Life Hack?

I had tried to pick up meditation late last year in the hopes that it would bring me some calm. Little did I know though that meditation - a critical component of ikigai - is the opposite of quick fix, which is also why I suspect most of us fail to ...

Meditation may help prevent heart disease, doctors say
(Reuters Health) - Meditation may help reduce the risk of heart disease when it's added to proven approaches like lifestyle changes or drugs to lower blood pressure and cholesterol, U.S. doctors say. In its first guidelines dedicated to meditation, the ...and more »

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Meditation May Help Against Heart Disease, Says Expert Group ...

For the first time, the American Heart Association (AHA) is issuing a statement on the effects of meditation on the heart. AHA experts reviewed dozens studies ...

Lady Gaga Guides Digital Meditation After Las Vegas Massacre
During the meditation, she repeated her mantras, "I am calm, I am light" after explaining how meditation helps her. At the end of the process, she told her fans, "I hope that you all enjoyed that as much as I did. That sort of quiet time and meditation ...