Sunday, June 3, 2012

Favorite Quotes

So inevitably when H Jade Raine and I write books, we end up with some favorite lines when the characters surprised us. I thought I'd share some of those quotes with ya'll from Winter's Knight.

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"Good morning!" Clark chirped.
"No," Lucian countered, flopping onto the silks and satins of his bed. "But it tends to improve with the first kill of the day."
"My esurience to savor your arousal knows no bounds, Sire."
"And I would never demand power, Shea."
"Nnh." The hot air of a groan accompanied a brush of lips against the back of Lucian's neck, and Lucian reached to slide his fingers into thick curls. "N-no, that's true," Shea stammered. "You'd just take it when it's lying within your grasp."
"Tweedle Dee and Dum are doing fine, but the British invader is getting restless." [Clark answered.]
"Tell the old Rottweiler that we'll feed him treats soon enough," Lucian said.
"And in your ignorance," Lucian whispered... over Gary's whimpering. "You will never find my mercy."
Clark smiled at Lucian's dark look. "Don't worry, sir. Your little fascination with integrity is safe with me."
Clark grinned and handed Lucian a flash drive. "Oh, I'm happy to tell him you enjoyed being his prisoner."
"I'm sure you are," Lucian said, putting the drive into the USB port on his laptop. "Do mention that next time it might be more believable an illusion were there chains involved."
"You left before he got the chance to work up to them."
Kelly's Favorite Line Award Goes to:
"I do," Lucian said dryly. "There were eels."
Much ♥.

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