Wednesday, March 13, 2013

A Taste of New Amsterdam: Extras, Excerpts, and Snippets Oh My!

BEHOLD! By the wonder of creation and due organizational diligence...

(That you can read for free!)

Much love.

♥Lucian & Clark Chatting Pre Hearts Under Fire & Winter's Knight Action:
Have a taste on the house.

♥Perhaps you're in the market for more of our favorite dark-haired, mysterious professor?
Click here for a little pre-Clark negotiation.

♥Need a little more gypsy magic?
Daniel. On a cruise ship. With a bride to be.

♥And then they meet... Hearts Under Fire Excerpt:
Click here to read a slice from the novel.

♥Love Clark and Daniel? Think they're meant to be together forever?
The Proposal Part I
The Proposal Part II

♥Need a Taste of Everyone? With Humor in the Mix?
Go ahead and have a Deathwish

♥Hankering for some sweet, youthful Lucian and Shea?
The Raquelle Christmas

♥Dig outtakes and omake? Wanna see what COULD have happened instead of Winter's Knight?
We call it How We Almost Didn't Have a Book

How about a CHARACTER WEB?

New Amsterdam Character Web
(As of 1-1-16)

Click the image for a much bigger picture of the world of New Amsterdam.

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