Saturday, July 6, 2013


Last Tuesday, July 2nd, the husband person and I went to the airport and picked up a friend of ours, who had never flown anywhere before and who had decided his first trip should be to our house...

...for a wee gaming convention.

Back in the day, I played a fair amount (*cough*ITWASMYLIFE*cough*) of World of Warcraft. Our guild was called Those Who Must Be Kept (ironically, I'm not sure any of the current members or even second or third generation members understood the Anne Rice reference). Over the years, I've moved away from (my MMO addiction) online gaming, and my husband has changed games, but we still continue to talk to/associate with many of our old school guildies.

And so... we hosted... Keptcon 2013.

We did this last October, with much success, and this time... it was even bigger.

So, Tuesday one little Indian arrived at 8:30 a.m. The next one arrived at 11:00 p.m. Indians three and four arrived at 12:30 a.m. Indians five and six appeared in the dark hours of the morning (and pitched a tent in our yard... in the shadows... in the pouring rain), and the last one appeared around six on Wednesday.

Over the Last Four Days, I Have...

1. Discovered that there is a fine art to going on errands with a massive group of people. Mostly it has to do with patience, megaphone lungs, and a Who Gives A Fuck Why They're Staring attitude cultivation. I rather excel in this rare niche art.

We went to Sams, Wal Mart, Natural Foods, the liquor store, and the fireworks store. En masse.

2. Rode in a car with three men wherein I explained the fine art of fire play, cupping, cutting, and knife play. Much squirming was had.

3. Got to put my money where my mouth was and set not one, not two, but three hapless "victims" on fire. Much adorableness was had in the negotiation phase...

At dinner: "Nah, when we get home, she's gonna set me on fire!" says Indian One.

Me: *eyebrow arch* I am? Okay.

Indian One: (hopeful) Really?

Me: Sure.

Indian One: ...dude. Awesome.

4. Got to make torches in my kitchen floor (tile... 'tis safer). And more adorableness:

Indian One: (attempting to keep up macho appearances and not show nerves, but drinking beer like water and dancing from one foot to another) So... you have done this before, right?

Me: I would not shit you on this, [Indian One].

Indian One: Okay... good. Okay.

(And later, when called unto the kitchen for the games to begin...)

Indian One: (sitting Indian Style across from me) seriously. You HAVE done this like... at least once, right? I'm not the first?

Me: You are not the first.

Indian One: ...okay. Cool.


5. Gotten to experience what it's like to be surrounded by at least six iPhones and cameras while setting someone "on fire." Egads.

6. Played, in no particular order: CatchPhrase, Kill Doctor Lucky, SceneIt, Phase 10, SkipBo, Cards Against Humanity, Resistance, Pandemic, Taboo, The Great Tao Moody, (musical chairs with cards, funny hats, and involuntary slavery), Diplomacy (didn't play, but did watch, much amused), and possibly one or two more that I'm forgetting...

7. Set off fireworks.

8. Set the yard on fire.

9. Put OUT the yard. (It called safeword.)

10. Cooked three breakfasts and many assorted foodstuffs.

11. Hosted a Fourth Party... sixteen? Eighteen guests total?

12. Gotten really... really... creative with sleeping arrangements, and gotten TOTAL validation that husband figure's snoring is ohmygod intense. XD

13. Discovered a new way to savor gin... with cucumber!

...and we still have Indian One until tomorrow evening.

I ALSO started on another little fanfiction story that fits into my AU universe and provides some back story, and I reorganized my Inspiro-Wall in honor of the upcoming two novels that I plan on starting laying foundation for this week, one of which is set in *LE GASP* New Amsterdam. *wink*

After an invasion, I tend to be inflicted with a bit of the sads, but I'm comforting myself with stories, games, and a walk on a pretty sunny day.

So... methinks... it is time for a walk, an errand, some food, and a really... really... long nap.

Life's good kids. It might even be fucking fantabulous.

With bells on.

Much love and moderated chaos,

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