Thursday, November 14, 2013

Today, You Beast

Some days, there will just be tears. No matter how good it is or how bad. Some days, there is laughter when it has no right to exist. Sometimes you'll forget what you knew to be true... sometimes, you'll remember, and it'll be a breath of fresh air... until you forget again. What we need to know the most lives in our blind spots, and on the days we need it to show its face, it's more invisible than it was yesterday or than it will be tomorrow...

Some days all you've got is broken willpower and the spare parts. All you've got is memories. All you'll find when you look are things undone.

And some days... it's the magic in the rainbows. It's the miracles of the commonplace. It's the risk. The chance. The pause before you plunge...

Some days... it's remembering... how to fall.