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Vision Quest Part XXI - Final Chapter - by Kelly Wyre

"That'll be six-fifty."

That was the first line I wrote of the little "thing" I did for Henley back in September 2013. It was a continuation of a great story, it was an experiment... was an effort to get over a great and powerful hurt that had been done to me that I wasn't sure I could mend.

And this story, much like any story, is not just a fictional tale. It was a way to show myself that if one is brave enough and willing to work hard enough and take the right kinds of chances with the right sorts of people, then amazing things can happen. So this, in many ways, was my personal VISION QUEST. I was willing to listen to the Universe who whispered in my ear one seemingly harmless Saturday morning...

"Psst... hey... what if we... just kept going...?"

And Henley was willing to take my hand and come with me. Sometimes pushing, sometimes pulling, sometimes just standing still.

The standing still... is not something just anybody can do.

Thank you, Henley, for everything. This story may be ours, but in my mind... it's an homage and a gift that was returned with the sweetest surprise in kind.

Sincere and much love.
-Kelly Wyre

Infused… by Blaze.

"What do you mean?" Arik asked, but Blaze was lost in Arik's eyes. Distracted by the shade of Arik's skin. Entranced by Arik's bare chest and the dark curls around his navel that disappeared beneath the belt and slacks that he still wore.

"Blaze?" Arik murmured, the initial panic gone, but the impatient curiosity apparent. Blaze shook his head, and he lifted Arik's hand from his chest to his face. Blaze nuzzled Arik's palm, kissed it, and he caught sight of the fire in the stone hearth across the room. Blaze watched the dancing flames, and an old, old ache welled up inside him. Arik caressed his cheek, the punct luminos tingling and arcing, and Arik inched closer to Blaze.

"I feel as though I lived in a bubble," Blaze said softly, and Arik squeezed Blaze's knee with his other hand. "No," Blaze corrected with a small laugh, "I lived in liquid fire. Heat so hot it was molten. I retreated there, when the witch's blood infused me. When she cursed me, making herself immortal within me and ensuring I'd be rendered near dead with agony should I dare force her true death." Blaze shook his head. "My fire, the last of what was left of my family and our magic, it protected me; kept me safe within where no harm could reach the real me. And now the last of the witch's blood is truly gone, burned out from where it lurked so long in its last, cursed vessel. It's gone, and I am free and I… am alive. And here. With you. And I feel…"

"You feel?" Arik whispered, and he bit his lip.

Blaze looked at Arik, whose eyes widened at whatever they saw in Blaze's. "Aware," Blaze said. "Awake. As though from a long dream. I can remember every moment of every one of my too-long years. I can remember the way Doru smelled. All the faces and smiles and sadness in every man I helped. But I can also remember…" Blaze brushed Arik's lower lip with his thumb. "The first time you kissed me."

"I remember it, too," Arik said, quietly, as though afraid to disturb the peaceful spell that had overtaken the old room in the older house lit only with their own little fire.

Blazed inclined his head in a single nod. "I know the precise moments my life changed. When I fell in love, when I fell to the curse, and when I first saw you in my dreams. And I was there for them all. I was… That was me. But now… It's as though I'm all of my former self. And for the first time, all of me is in this moment with all of you." Blaze traced the line of Arik's jaw, felt the rasp of stubble and the heat of skin, and a pink flush began to creep across Arik's nose. His chest rose and fell in a faster rhythm, and Arik's eyelashes fluttered when Arik dropped his gaze to stare at Blaze's mouth and then lifted it again to meet Blaze's eyes. "Dragul meu," Blaze said. "My beloved. My lover. My… Arik." Blaze rolled the word off his tongue with his native syllabic emphasis, and Arik's breathing skipped. "Who saw me, understood what afflicted me and how, and then had the courage to... save me."

"It was mutual," Arik muttered. "The saving." He kissed Blaze, though briefly and chastly. The spark ignited with enough force to make them both gasp, and Blaze held Arik's face in his hands. "So the gift is that you remember it all?" Arik asked, and he made their foreheads meet. "Survived with sanity intact and you're both who you were and who you are, now?"

"I think so. Which means that this…" Blaze traced his fingertips across Arik's shoulder until the man shuddered. "Is still ours. Because once, it was mine and mine to share with those whom I love. The legacy of my family and of my people. And…" Blaze swallowed and stared again at the fire across the room.

Seconds passed, maybe minutes, and Arik scooted closer until one of his knees was bent and behind Blaze and the other leg rested across Blaze's lap. Arik kissed Blaze's shoulder, slowly and gently, and crept along a line to Blaze's neck. Arik may have had a thousand questions, but the man didn't ask a single one. Blaze was grateful. There would be time to tell Arik everything -- the good, bad, ugly, and beautiful -- and Blaze would. Blaze wanted to. He couldn't remember feeling so alive and whole, and he wanted to share everything and every second he had left with Arik.

And he wanted… he needed… he had to know…



"I think… I need to show you something." Blaze swallowed, fear rumbling low in his body. Real fear that he'd not experienced in possibly centuries.

"What is it?" Arik asked.

"I… I have to try something."

"Blaze, what's... you're shaking."

"I know. I'm scared."

Arik enveloped Blaze in an embrace that tugged a soft moan from Blaze. "What are you afraid of, baby?" he murmured.

Blaze grinned and turned his head to kiss Arik. "I like you calling me that."

Amused affection flickered across Arik's features. "Okay. Baby."

Blaze chuckled and pulled away. He got up, stripped off the robe, and tossed it onto a chair. He circled to the foot of the bed, and Arik crawled to the end of it, watching intently. Blaze paused and faced the fireplace, and for a horrible moment, he couldn't remember how the magic worked. What had once been as natural as breathing was now lost to him, and in that instant, he mourned enough for three hundred years. The weight of loneliness that he'd felt without his god-given gift bore down upon his shoulders, and Blaze sucked a sob.

"Blaze?" Arik asked, worried.

Blaze waved a hand to show he was okay. He took a watery breath, letting the tears flow. At one time, such things were offerings and parts of spells. Maybe, here and now in this age of Internet and space travel and marvels, they could work the same way as they had in the time of wagons, simplicity, and magic.

And he knew, too, that if this didn't work, it'd be more than okay. Blaze was a free man, and he had Arik. The miracle of figuring out the curse and it being broken paled in comparison to Blaze having a man to love who loved him. Next to that, any loss suffered was minor. If Blaze couldn't speak to or wield his Fire, he would nonetheless be a man gifted with a partner with whom he could grow, share, live, and die. Maybe the time he had left to walk the earth would be enough to convey to Arik what that meant; how impossible such an existence had once seemed, and how it made the entire universe balance to be given the chance to have it.

Tears of grief slowly changed to tears of gratitude. Blaze knelt. He bowed his head. Please, he entreated to anything on the side of good that might be listening. Please grant unto me one last kindness. Allow me to have, hold, and use the gifts that were once bestowed upon many and that were stolen away into darkness. I am but one man with one pair of hands and one soul, but give me your grace, and I will touch as many as I can with the light. And I will start with the man who saved me.

There was nothing but silence punctuated by Arik's breathing, and Blaze slumped, opening his eyes. The fire crackled, popped, and flung a tiny ember onto the rug near Blaze's knee. Without thinking, Blaze picked it up. The glowing mote sat cradled in Blaze's palm, and it winked as though it giggled.

And then Blaze was no longer in the goat man's bedroom.

He was in a million homes in a million fires over a million years.

"Every fire that was still is," said Blaze's grandmamere, the voice fluttering the very fabric of the universe. "And every coal that burned is part of what you hold, and every ember that you touch knows its past and its present and something of its future."

Blaze was warm, so warm… and connected… and… giddy. One with the fire, which was hungry. Eating. Consuming. Eager. Blaze was lit from within and burning hotter the closer he was to the ground. He could touch the night; be with the treetops and the wind and be part of the stars. And every heart he warmed, every soul who came near him, he could glimpse. He could know them, if only for an instant.

And Fire… in turn…

"Knows me," Blaze whispered, and somehow he had moved from the rug to the flagstones in front of the cheerful baby blaze. And Arik--

Oh, LIKE him! Like him… save him… warm him… like him! Keep him warm! Old man, he'll be. Live long. Happy. See? See?

-- was there, speaking urgently in warning, but Blaze reached into the dancing red-gold-orange, cupped his palm as though gathering water, and brought out a bit of Fire who wanted to play.

"Holy shit," Arik muttered, and together they stared at Blaze holding naked fire flickering in his hand.

"It likes you," Blaze said, cheeks sore from smiling.

"It… what?"

Fire whispered, babbling a mile a minute, so happy to find someone who could hear. "And it missed me," Blaze said. "And says we'll be old men together, someday, holding hands on--"

Big wet ick thing. Next to. Ew. Ew.

"--the beach." Blaze laughed. "This one's very young."

Arik looked from the fire to Blaze and back again. "I really, really want to understand, here, Blaze."

Drawing away from the elemental awareness in his grasp, Blaze focused on Arik. He oriented himself to the present with skill that he'd not, in fact, forgotten, and he took three deep breaths. "Fire is alive, but not like you and me. Or maybe it is, and it's closer to our understanding of an Oversoul or even a god. It's connected to every time it's ever been lit. And some Fire is connected to what will be. And it… talks to me. Shows me things. It's sort of words, it's sort of pictures, but it's…" Blaze swallowed and realized he couldn't continue because he was weeping.

Arik put an arm around Blaze's waist. "This is what the witch took from you?"

"It's what was buried beneath her blood inside me."

"Because if she hadn't…"

Blaze nodded. "It's why she destroyed my family, like I said. We would have seen her. And when she chose to let me live, she had to stop the same sight and power."

"So... this is what you used to do?"

Blaze nodded, and when the little guy in his hands got too demanding, he lifted it to his face. Arik grunted, clearly unsure about this, but Blaze calmly let the fire kiss away the tears. They vanished in tiny puffs of steam.

"So you listen to it? Hear the future?" Arik asked.

"Sometimes. Usually, we ask it to cleanse. Or, well. We did."


"Disease. Sadness." Blaze paused. "Evil."

"You can… heal with it?"

"I could. I can." Blaze sighed, remembering his prayer and his promise. "I think I will again. But it also…"

An avalanche of memory thundered through Blaze. Doru, beneath him. Doru, above him. Doru laughing. Crying. Calling to heaven in pleasure. The fire in Blaze's hands got the idea and flickered brighter.

Yes! Yes-yes. Oh yes. Can we?

The fire painted a hundred pictures for Blaze in a heartbeat, and Blaze shivered, cock filling. He scooped out more fire, had a fast discussion about what it couldn't do or burn or hurt, and Blaze put the fireball on the floor.

"Are you sure that's a good--" Arik began, but didn't get to finish. Blaze pulled Arik to him while around them, the fire formed a ring.

"Yes, dragul meu, I am very sure."

The kiss was similar to the hundreds that had come before it, but different, too. Because when Arik's lips pressed to his, Blaze felt the pressure and the spark with every inch of his restored being. And when Arik's mouth opened and tongue slid against his, Blaze moaned for the sheer slip-slick-touch sensation of it. The safe place he'd stayed within his own body had been protection but also a dampener; a cell. Unleashed from his prison, everything was richer and more vibrant, and when Arik pulled away to cry out a broken groan, Blaze suspected he wasn't the only one who felt the difference, the closeness, the intensity.

"The… oh God, the…" Arik panted, and Blaze kissed Arik's throat, collarbone, and chest. He sucked a nipple between his teeth, and Arik arched. Arik's fingers dug into Blaze's hair, and Blaze hastily undid Arik's belt and fly, dying for full-body contact. The fire skipped backward when Arik had to lie down to yank off his pants and socks, and the curtain of flame parted when Blaze tossed the clothing beyond the ring.

"Is that going to… set off smoke alarms or…" Arik gulped.

Blaze chuckled throatily, wrapping himself around Arik. "No," he said, burying his face against Arik's neck and suckling at the skin. Arik caressed Blaze's back, ass, and thigh, and Blaze shoved against the floor, rolling. Blaze hovered over Arik and grinned. "Trust me?"

"Entirely," Arik said, so seriously that Blaze kissed his nose to make him laugh.

"Good." Blaze beckoned to the fire, more to warn Arik than out of communicative necessity, and the ring crept across the floor. He scooped a handful of flame, murmured his intentions, and slowly lowered his hand toward Arik. Breathing faster, Arik watched the descent, and his grip on Blaze's hip tightened. Blaze tipped his hand, carefully spilling the fire so it brushed Arik, and when it did, Arik gasped.


"I know."

Arik's eyes were wide open. His lips parted in a silent, Oh. And it took a second, but the concentrated punct luminos traveled through the flame and into Blaze's hand. It tingled like his hand was the embodiment of pleasure on the cusp of release. Blaze gritted his teeth and slid the fire down the center of Arik's chest and stomach.

"Oh my God… oh my… fucking…" Arik's lower body lifted off the floor in a controlled thrash. "God! How… why?"

"I don't know," Blaze said. He had mercy and took the fire away, though it complained about it. Arik blinked up at Blaze, dazed. "Going theory is that since my magic is fire-based, and it is the magic that makes the spark between myself and others, that adding the raw element to the mix intensifies it tenfold."

"Tenfold?" Arik wheezed. "Try a hundred. Fold. God."

"So you like it?" Blaze asked.


"Want more?"

Arik's eyelids lowered to half mast. "...yeah."

"Good." Blaze popped the fire into his mouth, shifted so he was between Arik's legs, and planted a Fire-fueled kiss to Arik's hipbone. Arik wrapped his arms around Blaze's head, breath held and body taut. After a few seconds, he grew accustomed to the heat-tingle in the kiss, loosening his grip, and Blaze licked a line to the base of Arik's cock.

"Oh God… oh fuck… oh God," Arik mumbled. Blaze nosed the thick curls in warning, and he rolled his eyes to watch Arik's face as he began to mouth Arik's shaft. Arik's head tipped side to side, and he got a death grip in Blaze's hair and on Blaze's shoulder. Around them, the fire snuck closer, wanting nothing more than to keep this man warm and safe and happy. Blaze shuddered with dual consciousness, and, when he took the head of Arik's dick into his mouth, he went slow and gentle. The sizzle-burn would do the work, and it took some getting used to, if Blaze remembered right.

Above Blaze, Arik whimpered and trapped the sounds behind pressed lips. His skin was feverish to the touch, sweaty beneath Blaze's palms, and Blaze so-so-carefully swallowed Arik's length and rose so-so-slowly back up. Arik's foot planted itself on the floor with a slam. His heel dug into the rug. His pelvis rocked toward Blaze, but after the third trip down, Arik wrenched Blaze off of him. Arik pulled Blaze up until they were nose to nose, and Blaze saw the split second of fearless decisiveness that allowed Arik to kiss Blaze with a mouthful of fire.

"God," Arik whispered.



"Good. Oh."

They held one another, touching, gripping, kissing, finding friction anywhere they could. Blaze blew the fire off his tongue, and Arik relaxed beneath and against him when their lips met again. Soon the body tease was too much for either to take, and at the same time, they made room, each grasping the other's cock and stroking it. They swallowed and tasted each other's moans, sucked on lips, nibbled on ears, and Blaze willed himself to occupy the same space as Arik; to be the same.

Arik rolled them. Blaze braced an arm across Arik's shoulders, and he pushed the fingers of his spare hand between Arik's ass cheeks. Arik sucked a gasp against the shell of Blaze's ear. "Fire," Arik said, aroused and urgent and hushed. "Use it there, Blaze, please… use it..."

Blaze found Arik's mouth. He kissed Arik senseless, urging Arik to keep rolling against him. He knew the fire had found his hand when the warmth and spark ignited his skin, and he nudged Arik's asshole with a flaming touch.

"Shit!" Arik sank his teeth into Blaze's ear, moaning. Blaze lifted his hand to his mouth, coated his fingers with spit, and returned fingers and fire to flexing hole. He pushed inside, and Arik cried out, full-throated. Arik's body sucked Blaze deeper, and Arik, as though reading Blaze's wishes, propped himself up and above Blaze. Arik locked his elbows, and Blaze used one hand to fuck Arik and the other to stroke him. Arik's eyes rolled beneath their lids, and groans spilled on every one of his breathy exhales.

"Frumuseţ," Blaze said in awe of the gorgeous sight of Arik lost and wanting.

"Te…" Arik swallowed and got his eyes open and down on Blaze. "Te iubesc."

"I love you, too," Blaze said, and he guided Arik with both hands higher until Arik straddled Blaze's face. He engulfed Arik's cock with a soft sigh, and he groaned when Arik fell forward. Arik caught himself with a hand and forearm, and Blaze fucked Arik's ass with two fingers, pushing Arik deeper into Blaze's mouth with every slide home. Arik rolled and bucked, entire body tensing and flexing. His noises were deafening, and Blaze relaxed, ready to welcome Arik's cum with a few heartfelt, greedy swallows.

Instead, however, Arik stood. On shaky legs he stumbled a handful of steps, and he fell to his knees before Blaze really understood what had just happened. Arik manhandled Blaze over so Blaze was on his belly, and Arik caught Blaze between the legs by the cock at the same time Arik's tongue lapped across Blaze's entrance.

Blaze slurred in Romanian about events and their unfairness, but the words dissolved into low cries of need. Arik licked, teased, and plunged.

"Dracu... 'Îmi placeoooh… fuck yes…"

"Like that?" Arik asked, kissing square over Blaze's ring so the hint of suction would make Blaze tremble.

"Yeah…" Blaze gulped on a dry throat. "Faster, Iubire… Please…. Please…"

Arik moaned, and the vibration made Blaze answer in kind. Arik tugged on Blaze's cock, twisting his fist and smearing precum until he finally smacked Blaze smartly on the ass. "Your fire," Arik said, with a rich, wicked husk. "I want to fuck you with it. Can I?"

"Y-yeah," Blaze stammered. "Yes. I can…" He turned his head and knocked it against the floor to regain some sense. It didn't work. "Oh God."

"Will it burn through latex?" Arik asked.

"I…" It took more effort than usual to speak through confusion and arousal. "I can ask it not to?" The statement came out as a question.

"Don't move." Arik got up, one hand stroking himself. He hesitated, but the fire ring broke and lit his way like a runway for an airplane to where Arik's briefcase rested against the wall. Arik opened the case with a snarl when the clasp didn't work fast enough, and he retrieved a condom and a clear travel bottle full of oily lube.

Blaze started to laugh. "You… brought…?"

"I didn't know what was going to happen," Arik said, playfully defensive. He returned to the fire ring, watching it close behind him. "For all I knew, would have to fuck the curse out of you." He jumped when a particularly eager burst of flame tried to kiss his knee. "Goddamn, but that fire is..."

"Affectionate," Blaze supplied.

"About to get more so." Arik bent and kissed Blaze's back and ass. Blaze tucked both his knees under himself and spread them. He rested his head on his arm while Arik worked condom and lube behind him, and he had a fast chat with the fire that portrayed in pictures what he thought Arik had in mind and what Blaze wanted.

"Is this going to work?" Arik asked, sounding more nervous and clearheaded than before.

Blaze chuckled, eyes open enough to see the fire dance across the floor in skipping lines over to Blaze. It tickled up his legs and heated his backside. "Dunno," Blaze said around an anticipatory gasp.

"I want it inside you," Arik whispered, and he petted Blaze's flanks with both hands.

Blaze grunted. "I know." He could feel the flames lick-kissing his oversensitized entrance. They were teasing him. And enjoying it immensely.

"Want them around me as I take you." More kisses spread along Blaze's spine, and he wasn't sure if that was the fire or Arik.

"I… It… It knows what we want," Blaze managed.

Arik hummed. "Can you have it go slow?"

Blaze whimpered. "Oh God, Arik. I… I can… aahn!"

The fire sank into Blaze, slowly, just as Arik had asked it to do. But even slow, or, perhaps especially slow, it was overload. Blaze lost himself, had no idea what he did or said or the sounds he made. Vaguely he registered Arik's hands on him, firmly holding him steady and close.

"That's it, baby," Arik said. "Oh God, yeah, just like that…"

Blaze roared and whined and cried notes he didn't know he could make, and he couldn't distinguish the sting-burn-fill of Arik's dick from the fire's tingle-spark. Arik was moaning and cussing, and Blaze was pitched headlong into the fleshy confines of his body in the throes of stunned bliss. Disconnected and disoriented, all Blaze knew was his insides were speared with pure magic and heat and it was too much, too crazy, too fucking good, and then…

The heat started to move.

"Oooh yeah…" Arik gasped.

The heat thrusted in time to Arik's drive forward and down. Arik bottomed out in Blaze's ass, began to withdraw, and all the while, the heat burned and sparked and crackled across Blaze's tender flesh and against his hyper-sensitive prostate. Over… and over… and over… with a steady slap of hips to ass and skin-on-skin, Arik and Fire relentlessly demanded Blaze to surrender, to accept, and to take. Blaze scrambled for handholds and dragged his blunt nails across the floor. He made fists and covered his head with his hands and arched into Arik. Eventually Blaze went loose and pliant, shivering in something approaching pure ecstasy when Arik's hands roved over every inch of Blaze, touching and loving and urging him toward endgame.

When Arik whispered affection to him and grabbed his arms, Blaze let it happen. When Arik pinned Blaze's wrists at the small of Blaze's back, Blaze started to confuse his languages. He just hoped Arik understood that he was begging… pleading… More. Harder. Faster. Do it. Take him. Fucking break him.

"God!" Arik bellowed, slamming deep on a too-perfect angle.

"Shit!" Blaze cried, voice high.

"Fuck. Blaze. Nnngh!"

The fire spread impossibly deeper, claiming crevices and inches of Blaze that he didn't know could be filled. He wailed loudly enough that he hurt his own ears, startled himself out of the reverie, and it was at that precise moment, without a hand even near his dick, that orgasm erupted within him.

"Oh… my… fucking… shhhhh--!" Blaze's shocked cry cut off in a choked gasp, and he was coming and coming and screeching he couldn't take anymore, but Arik didn't stop. Pound. Slam. Rock. Dive. And Blaze didn't know if it was one orgasm or two or three hundred, but he drowned in it. His vision went dark, speckled only by bright motes of red-orange, and next he knew, he was on his back, face-to-face with a sweating, kissing, panting Arik.

"Again," Arik demanded, and Blaze wanted to tell Arik that another was impossible. The pleasure was too much and too rich. It'd been wrung out of him, leaving him high and dry, but the fire enclosed around them. Covered them. Enveloped them. The connection spark was everywhere all at once, and Blaze was Arik was Blaze, and together they yelled and cried to their gods. Together they came, and together they clung to the other, so entangled and enmeshed that their erratic breathing synced and, soon enough, began to slow at the same rate.

Around them, the fire flickered low. Blaze kept his legs locked around Arik, and they rested, cheek-to-cheek. The fire combined itself into one ball of flame, and it skittered over to Blaze.

Happy… happy… long time… love… love…

"What's it saying?" Arik sleepily asked.

"That it was good for Goat Man, too."

Arik pulled away, but Blaze laughed and wrestled Arik back down. "Jerk," Arik huffed.

"Please don't. I think we're stuck like this."

Arik rolled his eyes but he kissed Blaze, light and loving. "Not so bad, being stuck with you for eternity. Though, please tell me the fire was the last surprise?"

Blaze grinned, waggling eyebrows, and had to laugh when Arik looked stricken. "I can promise you this, Iubire: Prin dragoste și pierderi, prin bune și rele, în viață și în moarte, suntem celuilalt, inimile noastre a făcut una de foc."

"What does it mean?" Arik asked softly, eyes shining.

"It's a vow." Blaze tucked Arik's hair behind one ear. "That we will be together, united by fire, come what may."

Arik smiled. "Te iubesc, Blaze."

"Te iubesc, my Arik. For always."


by AF Henley
(The poem that started it all.)

An ember lit, by chance or plight,
A coil of smoke into the night,
Mere seed of light, but promise born,
In patient pause – a wink – no more,
Will mourn in solitary heat,
A smoulder amidst the grass and leaf.
And seek, by sky, that fated sigh,
Anemoi breath of proffered life.
One puff on light, one single flame,
“Arise now, phoenix, conquer grave.”

And one to same, then two to few,

Few to many and many to slew;
Where icy blues had forced their reign,
Hold is lost to growing flame.
Branch, twig, lain, ill-found too close,
Fodder to the encroaching host;
Consumed. And both, to one become
The fuel, the flame, two chords – one song.
Twitch ear of fawn, and eye of owl,
Flight urged to leg and wing of fowl.

To air, the howl – sky-reaching rage,

Once weak, now strong, once bound, uncaged,
Disastrous glaze, to bright the night,
Hell fury masked as candlelight.
Sparked delight, and siren’s song,
Do press Aiolos’ mounts along,
To bring on atmospheric charge,
And tease the roil: entice, enlarge!
So flare! In brilliance! Final peak…
Falter, extinguish. Spent and weak.

In silence blackened fields will lie,
Laid bare and breathless, eye to sky,
Ravaged, mined. But rains will roam,
On ashen litter and darkened loam.
The birds will loom and drop their seeds,
Waiting earth will devour the feed.
Souls breed. And nest. And dig and drone,
Claim new holes and furrows home.
And from the turmoil, new transpires;
The gift, a promise, cleansed by fire.


"Through love and loss, through good and bad, in life and in death, we belong to the other, our hearts made one by fire."

The End

Thank you for sharing our journey.

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Much love to you and yours,
♥Kelly Wyre
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♥A.F. Henley
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  2. Kelly:

    Whew. What a ride. I had no idea when we started this venture that it was going to lead to a story we could be so damn proud of. Don't get me wrong, I'm proud of all my work, as I know that you are with your own creations. However, a tag-team fiction can be freaking tough to manage. Picking up where somebody else has left off, running with it in what you can only hope is a similar direction, and keeping both characters true between each posts is ... well, it's hard. Damn hard. Having a talented and forgiving co-writer makes things a hell of a lot easier, though. Thank you Kelly. You're brilliant, and it's been an honour to work with you.

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  3. Oh, dear Goddess...there is no way on earth I can leave a comment even remotely worthy of what the two of you have done together. The imagery, the intensity, scenes that will stay with me always...its all there. Hideous, unrelenting darkness to the brilliance and splendor of a phoenix bursting free from its ashes... That's it. That's all I have. Stunned speechless... *standing ovation*

  4. This is where I made the first comment for this story, and here is where I will make my last for "Vision Quest."

    Aaand... of course, per the reputation that is Kelly Wyre, the whole story had to end with the best sex scene of the journey. I had to wait twenty-four hours to get my brain back on track. Wow... just wow... for the whole story. Don't ever stop writing.

    I almost couldn't bring myself to read this final chapter because I didn't want it to end, but it needed to, didn't it? The closure was more than just for Blaze and Arik.

    Sundays are going to be a little bit difficult to go back to now, and I'm not entirely sure I'm up to facing that next weekend...

    ... Actually, no, no... I'm not ready. Who am I fooling? For a long while there, I had the privilege of stalking and camping out for this story to be posted every Sunday, but the last couple of months have seen my schedule take my sanity and tear it into itsy bitsy pieces and thrown out the window. Nevertheless, a chapter was always there at the end of the day, and I cannot tell you just how much I appreciated having something like this to help end my weekends and start another (possibly mind numbing) week.

    I got a small list of thanks to make, so here I go~~

    Thank you for being brave and taking the risk even though it was scary as hell to write with someone again, to not letting the downs take you away from this craft (as there are others who would and have left), dedicating your time to write and share in the midst of all the projects you have going on, hosting them on your blog (and various other places), and ultimately leaving all of us with something to go back to.

    Keep strong and awesome.

    Much love and healthy good food. Remember to continue being awesomely good to yourself =).