Tuesday, March 25, 2014


Howdy gang!
To celebrate the release of my first solo novel, FIGHT, I'm running a contest! It'll begin on release day, MARCH 4th, and run until midnight EST on March 25th.

Three lucky winners will receive:
♠ A free e-copy of the book AND
♠ An MP3 audio file of Yours Truly reading one of the... juicer... bits of the novel (and trust me... ain't nobody out there who can When Harry Met Sally like I can. Your ears will be in most excellent... groping... hands.).

And if that's not enough, one contestant will be eligible for the...

♠ Ebook copy of FIGHT
♠ MP3 audio file
♠ Lego Nathan and Fury as featured in the video below!

ALWAYS REMEMBER TO INCLUDE YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS OR SOME FORM OF CONTACT INFO. That way, I know how to find you! Audio file will be in MP3 format and sent straight to your email addy along with the ebook. Figurines will ship for free worldwide.

So what do I have to do, Kelly?
Well, it's simple. All you have to do is leave a comment, like, follow, fan, reblog, review, or otherwise social-media engage me or my book. So you can...

♠ Leave a comment on any of the BLOG TOUR SPOTS (SEE LIST BELOW)
♠ Review/rate the book on Amazon
♠ Friend me or Follow Me on Facebook (each one will count as an entry into the contest, but do comment on my wall to let me know you're friending for the contest!): My Facebook Page
♠ Like OR Reblog this post on Tumblr . Both count as a new entry into the contest and each reblog counts as another entry:
♠ Follow me on Twitter (Note: I'll consider anyone who follows me post March 4th as an entry into the contest!)
♠ Leave a rating/comment/review of FIGHT on Goodreads
♠ Vote for FIGHT on one of Goodreads’ Listopias (or add it to one it’s not already on)
♠ Become a Kelly Wyre fan on Goodreads
♠ Repost this contest information on your own social venue (dA, Y!gallery, your own Goodreads account, anything and anywhere they allow text and posting, just point me in your direction so I can count you!)
♠ Leave a review of FIGHT on your social venue (just let me know where/when/what for the count-age!)

In other words, spread the word, and for each and every thing you do, you get another shot at winning. I will be monitoring my own social media accounts. Just message me/comment about any others.

Good luck and enjoy!

Interviews, Excerpts, Q&A, Visual Aids, and Chances to Win, Oh My

Fight by Kelly Wyre - The truth is worth anything and everything you've got.

To Nathan Hunt, honesty is anything but the best policy. Telling the truth has gotten him nothing but heartache and pain; so lying about who he is and what he wants seems to be the only path to job security and friends. Hell, it even brings him a hollow kind of happiness.

Except, that's not much of a life for any man. Especially one with Nathan's passion. Desperate to cure his self-made misery, Nathan agrees to go along with a con that will score cash for Nathan to start over. There's just one problem: lying is getting harder by the day. And a con who can't lie, is a con who gets caught.

Nathan's attempts to distract himself from his moral quandary lead him to a mysterious, intoxicating man named Fury. The Mixed Martial Arts fighter knows a thing or two about lies and pasts better left buried. He and Nathan have something else in common – they both want to be with someone who lets them be themselves.

Together, they undertake a journey that proves honesty is more dangerous and more difficult than either of them could have imagined. And as they combat addiction, thugs, guns, and their own inner demons, Nathan and Fury can only hope that their battle to be together will be worth the bitter fight.

Do all you do in and for love.
Many thanks!
Kelly Wyre
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The inevitable fine print: Contest is open to anyone of legal age who is willing to participate, and where the prizes awarded are acceptable within the laws of their country. Winner(s) will be selected by random number generator and the contest will run until midnight EST on March 25, 2014. The winner(s) will be chosen and announced the following day. Winner(s) have one week to claim their prize. Should they fail to do so, a new winner will be selected. All participants must be of legal age in the state/province/country of which they reside, and legally able to accept the prizes as awarded. All participants are allowed to repost contest information and use allotted materials to do so. All participants are not allowed to reproduce, repost, or earn money from any received prize material in any form or fashion. All participants agree to these terms upon entering the contest.


  1. pinned, tumblr'd, FBed, G+, GR.....did as many as I was able :)


    1. That is so awesome! *happy dancing* Thank you so much! And I have you counted a billionty ways for the contest!!!


      Thank you so very much!

  2. I've got you on FB, twitter, and reblogged on tumblr. I'm excited for the new book!

    1. Thank you so much!!

      I'm pretty excited, too. :D


  3. The book sounds awesome. Def on my TBR list

    1. Thank you so much! I hope you enjoy it. :D