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1. You say you're looking for stories. What do you mean by "stories" Kelly?

A: I mean personal anecdotes. Legends passed down through the family. Accounts of things that happened to you that made you feel like you were connected to people or God or the Universe; as if there were no such thing as coincidence. They don't need to be told like a fictional account and you don't have to be an author of a book about past lives or the like to send in a post; a journal entry style post will do just fine. Sort of like this:

"My grandmother always used to tell me that she saw her (late) husband any time she got worried about money. He'd show up at night right before she'd go to sleep and tell her, 'Remember how we got through that year when I was out of work and your dad had just died? You'll get through this, too.' It comforted her, and she always figured out a way to stretch a dollar because of the hope his visits reminded her of and gave her."


"When I was little, I had an imaginary friend who turned out to be a cousin who died a few weeks before I was born."


"My parents used to say I would talk about 'where I was' before I came to 'live with Mommy and Daddy.'"


"I was suicidal in college, and one day I randomly met a girl who changed my life and gave me advice that keeps me moving forward to this day."

2. Can I send in more than one story?

A: YES! Absolutely!

3. How long do the entries need to be?

A: A few sentences to a few pages. Any length is welcome, but do keep it under novel-length, guys. :D

4. Do the stories need to be "uplifting" or can they be sort of dark?

A: I'm completely cozy with things that go bump in the night. Or day. Or anything in between. And the story doesn't have to start out with you or the subject of the account in a "good" place. The goal here is to spread the Good. Think of things that you remember when times get tough that help get you through them. That's sort of the tone I'm aiming for, here. 

5. Is there a deadline? When do I need to send my story or stories in to you?

A: The contest officially starts on the 29th of December and is running through February 8, 2015, I'll take stories any time through the end of the contest. Just email me if you have specific questions about deadlines.

6. My story's about an animal, not a person. Is that okay?

A: Animals save lives every day. Cats, dogs, iguanas, sugar gliders, and all our other four-legged or feathered friends are welcome.

7. I don't want my name attached to the story. Can I send it in, somehow?

A: The Anon-E-Moose is welcome. I can post the story anonymously, you can change the names to protect the innocent, and I'm happy to post a disclaimer to that effect. Sort of like this:

"Anonymous wrote me the following account of how her step-mother used to find missing kids. All names have been changed to protect identities."

I will never give out anybody's name or information for purposes that extend beyond this contest, and I will not post any information publicly that you wish to keep between you and me.

8. I don't have any site or art that I want you to promote; I just have a story. Is that okay?

A: Absolutely. The story's the thing, here. You telling me about a moment that helped you in life or a story that stays with you or a period of time in which you felt tied to people and the Universe at large is what I'm after. I'm just also happy to post links of books, art, or other endeavors while we're at it. 

9. I've got a story, but I don't know if it's what you're looking for, exactly. What do I do?

A: Send it in. If you THINK you've got a story that *may* work, then there's a 99% chance it'll be perfect. If you're truly concerned, feel free to email me!

10. How can I/Is it okay to share info about this contest?

A: It's MORE than okay -- it's AWESOME!

Here's how:

Use @kelly_wyre or the hashtag #weareinfinite so I can keep track of you! Remember, all shares are an entry for the GRAND PRIZE DRAWING! (Amazon gift card, art print, and free ebook copy of the book, Meet Me at the Gates)



Feel free to share this on author/art forums, if appropriate, and spread the word!

11. I see that you're posting entries, too, Kelly. You're not entering yourself to win, are you, lol?

A: No, I am not. *laughing* My entries are my way of getting to express my own gratitude to the people in my life and the Universe at large for all the help and guidance I've been fortunate to receive over the years. I'm sharing my stories strictly for the sake of sharing.

12. The contest ends on the 8th of February. What if I get my entry to you the day before that date? Will you still be posting entries after the contest end? How does all that work?

A: I will be accepting entries/submission through the 8th of February. I will then select a winner from all the entries I received until midnight on Feb. 8th. I will continue to POST, however, until every entry I received is up and promoted as promised.

13. How do you choose the winner?

A: By random drawing. All people who send me entries and all people who have retweeted/shared info about the contest are eligible. I'll assign every entrant a number and pick the winner using a random number generator.

Any other questions? Hit me up at:

Much love and light!

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