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WE ARE INFINITE Stories: The Talented Unbeliever by Jack Frost

Greetings everyone and welcome to another installment of the WE ARE INFINITE stories and giveaway! I'm so grateful to be able to do this and to share stories that remind us all of connection and our intrinsic worth.

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Today's entry is from Jack Frost, who shares with us all the reasons he believes in the connected nature of things even when he doesn't want to.


The Talented Unbeliever

I'm the hypocritical unbeliever.  I do not believe in the supernatural, or the spiritual.  But at the same time I am deathly afraid of those very things I claim can't exist.  I recall as a child seeing a multi-colored skeleton come out of my closet and hover near my head staring at me.  Only once, so it must have been a horrifying nightmare.  Nothing more.  And still I'll check my closets.  I've had those vivid (it must have been another life) dreams, but disregarded them later because a dream is a dream.  Nothing more.  Only to hold onto them, and make ridiculous links between those dreams and real events I later read about or see on TV.

I also recall my grandmother, before she died, telling me she can tell when people are going to die.  She settled her affairs before lying back and dying because she knew it was time....supposedly.

But none of those are my story.  No, my story is something a bit less spectacular but intriguing to me.

I occasionally know things I shouldn't.

Back when the caps on bottles of soda-pop actually said "free soda" on them instead of this cheap "online code" crap.  I used to be able to pick a winner quite readily.  Sure, a mathematician would tell you the chances of picking randomly from a line of sodas and getting a free one was actually pretty high.  But I actually knew which ones would win.  I once won 6 free sodas in a row.  I got 7 for the price of 1.

I once told a gambling addict that the third of the $1 scratch cards would win him $5 and the 4th of the $25 cards would win $200.  And I was spot on.

I even once called all of the Powerball numbers, each one just before it popped up.  So not good enough to actually win.  To this day I still haven't won the lottery.  In other words I can't tell you the future, only things set in fact.  Of course I also haven't been able to do this in years.

The most entertaining examples, however, happened with people.  Complete strangers over the internet, and I guessed how they looked back when they wrote a poem, and later told them what they looked like now.  I once told someone what song they were listening to when they drew a picture, and another what song they imagined their character was listening to.  I've also randomly set out certain items at work, in the middle of my floor.  In the order in which people wanted them for that day.

I'm not psychic.  I don't claim a power.  But I think, in a non spiritual fashion, this is a great demonstration of exactly the concept that we're all connected.  That people can be predictable, can give away a lot in very little, and by pure luck and coincidence I stumbled upon it.  Pure statistics and keen observation basic universal truths, can make the lottery less of a gamble if you're observant enough.

Something I am not.  :D

I feel like I'm struggling too much to not believe in these things.  xD


Nicely done, Jack!We thank you so much for sharing.

What do you think, readers? Have a hidden talent that helps you find your way through life? Have a reason to believe in the interconnected web of humanity? Respond in the comments or email your stories to me at as entries into the WE ARE INFINITE contest!

Deadline to enter contest is Feb. 8!


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