Sunday, January 15, 2017


Hi gang,

So, I know we don't talk very often, and I apologize for that. I feel some history is in order as to WHY that is, exactly, but we'll get there.

First let me say: Hello, I'm Kelly, (also Dee, as in Demented Dee, or Darkprism, or the Demented Tour Guide; I am a critter of so many little names), and I love you.


Now that we all feel good and awkward, I'd like to talk about New Amsterdam.

As many of you may or may not know, Torquere Press is closing its doors. This is an exceptionally sad bit of news for everyone involved. Torquere was one of the first to give me a shot, and I found some exceptionally good editors there back in the day who taught me all kinds of things. I will miss them, and I find the closing of anyone's business - especially a business involved in spreading the stories of the LGBTQ community - tragic.

So I'm mourning, but I'm also trying to figure out what to do with New Amsterdam. Torquere has three titles: Hearts on Fire, Winter's Knight, and Shot in the Dark.

"Luck in the Making" - the short story that technically comes between HuF and WK is with Loose Id. As is the NEW New Amsterdam novel, Earthquakes.

The short story "The New Deal" is somewhere, but honest to God, I'm not sure where I put it. If you've seen it lately, do speak up.

So about that history I referenced above. You'll note that all three of those titles above were co-written with on H.J. Raine. You may also note that she is nowhere to be found, anymore. And that's quite literally the case: she has vanished. Return to sender, the number you are trying to reach is no longer in service, etc. etc.

Anyway, that's one of the reasons I withdrew. I was burned to a crisp. Toasty me was toasty. I used to be all up in this community and fandom and pretty much everywhere on the Internetz I could be. Some of you are still with me - many thanks, I adore you, all the baked goods to you and yours - but many have wandered away wondering why I was hiding under the bed, refusing to come out and play.

Thanks to a few key folks - AF Henley, I'm looking at you - and MANY others (who may or may not want their names mentioned, but just know if you think I'm talking about you, I probably am :)) - I've been slowly enticed with freshly baked cookies to emerge from hiding and write again. I did FIGHT, and I did Meet Me at the Gates, and I did Vision Quest (with Henley), and finally, finally, FINALLY I returned to the streets of New Amsterdam to do Earthquakes.

And now here we are, with my rights returned to me, and there are decisions to be made. See, before Raine went POOF, I did manage to extract all the rights to the entire world and the characters and the books from her. I got it in writing, as a writer, ya know, would. So if those books were re-released, they could, in theory, be under one name.

Or, perhaps, they could be under both names, but any/all royalties - assuming I sell them again and a publisher would, you know, TAKE THEM to sell them again - would come to me.

They'd all need new covers. I'd like to tidy up HuF to make the, ah, twist flow a bit more smoothly (although after watching The OA on Netflix, I don't feel nearly as bad about that potential non-sequitur).

But I'm doing this foot-shuffle-weight-shift dance 'cause I must decide, and goodgodman it's hard.

So! I'd love to know what people would like to see. Please see zee poll below!

Many thanks for reading, and much love for voting.
*HEARTS* Kelly

What is the fate of New Amsterdam?

Send them to a new publisher and do a second release, possibly with updates, and sell them. Royalties unto you.
Send them to a new publisher but publish them under your name, singly, and get paid
Send them to a new publisher and put them out as free reads. Your name on 'em. Any upcoming New Amsterdam stories would be for $$
Just host them somewhere and let people download them off your website. People love freebies.
Self-pub them and put them up on Amazon. Do note that this would require me to pay for a new cover, at minimum, on all three pieces. May not recoup the cost.
Just let them die, Kelly. They've had their day.
OTHER - I'm going to comment somewhere to let you know my clever idea.

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