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Thank you so much for stopping by; always honored by a visit. Below you will find the Delicious and Nutritious Tastes Just Like Cardboard Chicken Coming Soon news, which is heavily spiced with hopes and dreams and served on the Platter of Writerly Determination (stamina +4, willpower +2, social life -25).

Comments and Flaming Pom Poms of Support (morale +35, happiness boost, general) are utterly welcome. Questions will be answered in the order they are delivered and at the rate the frazzled writer can sort out characters' arses from elbows and string words together that aren't based on an outline (which is generally jotted on sketch paper or a used napkin; whichever was closer at the time). Rates and dates subject to change, as is project order, which is typically determined by phase of the moon and universal signs. Please void where prohibited by age or law, respect the privacy and tender sanity of the writer in question, and don't forget to tip your tour guide and waiters.

Keep Calm. Have Courage. Watch for Signs.

Much love and light to you and yours!
~Kelly Wyre


by Kelly Wyre & AF Henley

In the wake of several near-cataclysmic events, humanity created the Cure, a DNA-altering antidote to death by disease and old age. But all cures come with side effects: a small percentage of the population develops a wide range of powers, some of which are lethal to others, and some which are lethal to the wielder.

These people are called the Estranged, hunted and shunned, safe only on the Island of Exile. It is here that Kaeva and Eddie meet—and where they set a prophecy in motion, quite possibly sealing their own demise, and even the end of Exile.

Latest and Greatest Released Upon Masses

Ellis Parker is a lucky man: he escaped his persecuting family, survived his tour of duty, and met Maxwell Clark in the city of New Amsterdam. Clark showed Ellis more than the ropes: Clark helped Ellis figure out who he is – a gay submissive with a massive fixation on a beautiful, mysterious ballet dancer named Bryn Rothe. Ellis knows a Good Man when he sees one, and he wants nothing more than to score a first date with Bryn.

Little does Ellis know that Bryn has a violent past that is crawling out of shallow graves to haunt him. Even his hectic schedule and beloved stage aren’t enough to distract him. It’s impossible for Bryn to figure out how he feels about Ellis with his demons between them, but when Ellis saves Bryn not once but twice, Bryn is forced to admit that there’s something about Ellis that Bryn might not merely want but need.

Together, they journey to the scene of Bryn’s original crime – Charles Towne, South Carolina. There they will dig up secrets that might explain Bryn’s tortured life but might also be his – and Ellis’s – undoing.

A supernatural reincarnation contemporary romance.

Meet Me at the Gates by Kelly Wyre
Outer Banks bookstore owner Hyacinth Silver Fox has a secret millennia in the making: her soul was magically entwined with another, and at night she dreams of every lifetime they've ever spent together. The rules of their magic are simple: Hydee always knows her lover, but he, or she, doesn't remember her. It's up to Hydee to find and make her soulmate see they are destined for each other, and this lifetime is no different, but there's one problem: her soulmate is Theo Monk, heartthrob actor and Hollywood's sometime-infamous badboy. Hydee's hope of reuniting is wearing thin, but she has no idea how dire the situation really is.

Because meanwhile in California, Theo Monk is losing his mind. Anxiety and paranoia rule his life, along with his on-again-off-again girlfriend and her entourage. When fear and frustration push him to an edge, Theo cuts and runs as far from his problems as he can without knowing Fate's giving him one last shot to unite with the only person who can help him. Hydee and Theo must save one another before hope runs out and Hydee's despair and Theo's fear keep them apart forever.


Available now in Storm Moon Press' Anthology, BLOOD EMBRACE, my short story, "CHOOSE:"

Bryan Norris' life is picture-perfect normal. He's just turned thirty, he has a good job and a beautiful girlfriend, and his biggest worry is that he might have to switch his sugary cereal to whole grain to lower his cholesterol.

But one very mundane Saturday, Bryan sees a vision of a battlefield and a wounded warrior with long blond hair. In the vision, the warrior is given a choice: die by the blade or live by the blood. When Bryan wakes up, his ordinary life has turned into a constant nightmare full of razor-sharp edges, glowing green eyes, and a beautiful man's urging to submit to the inevitable. Bryan isn't the type to go down easily, and he does everything he can to figure out what's happening and how to stop it.

There's just one problem: the longer Bryan holds out, the more he learns, and the further he falls into chaos, the louder his ancient warrior beckons.

My first solo full-length male-male novel came out March 4th from Loose Id. I cannot tell you how thrilled I am that it seems to be going over well.You know how it is. I'm just so damned happy people like my baby now that it's all grown up and off living its own life. There will be, so far as I know, no other novels written in that "world" as it were; I needed to tell Nate and Fury's story, and it's been done. Thank you: to them for sharing their stories with me and to any and all who have shown interest.

Vision Quest
When I woke up one Saturday morning and Did A Thing that involved continuing a story my good friend and occasional partner in crime AF Henley had written (for me; *grins*), I had no idea it was going to turn into a Tag Team Fiction Quest. I wrote a chapter. He wrote a chapter. Rinse repeat until all the characters were finished (in a pile of sweaty, lovely semi-paranormal goo!). When Less Than Three offered to put it out as a Free Read, Henley and I were over the moon, and we love the love we've gotten for Arik and Blaze. Top Ten on free Amazon reads for two weeks ain't nothin' to sneeze at, and we have readers and lovers of story to thank, so... Thank you so much, any and all. *humble bow*

Eight Turns of Fate
I would ask everyone to raise their hands if they enjoy gay porn, but when you've got one hand on the keys and the other hand... occupied... I understand choosing one to lift can be quite the sacrifice. *grins*

I love a good romp in the well-executed hay, and Colby Keller is one of my favorites out there. When he posted a chance to do an art project on his blog? I was all over that like a cat on 'nip, and, of course, I had to drag Henley along for the wild ride. As we all know he loves a good ride. *winks*

The project turned into eight months of story telling, and it's an experiment of writing platform and dimensions. There is the story, told via "modern" communication means, (so the whole story is told through chats, text messages, Skype, etc), and there are our "Extras" documents that are Henley and me talking about each chapter, our various inspirations, etc. There are also images and a YouTube channel with playlists. The idea was to have a "chat" with Colby's "posted objects" and chat with them we DID... And we learned a lot in the process. If nothing else, the project proved all over again that it's never... just... a... story. *smiles*

Thanks to Colby, again, who is a delightful person, by the way, if you ever wondered, and to Henley, for joining me and kicking me into writing something, and thanks to anyone who happens to wander by the story of Adam and Jay. We all appreciate it.

On the Writing Docket

In general to-do order, or at least focus order, and with tentative titles and without specific anything... Lord do I love CYA language. :-D

First book comes out JANUARY 10! Stay tuned for the BLOG TOUR INFO!
The next book is in the works. :D

Oh, don't we all love a surprise?

A few weeks ago I was in a writing slog, and my friend Henley suggested I try Something Entirely New. He sent me a few prompts of open calls, that sort of thing, and I attempted to write a short novella (20K max) involving a bunch of kids and some forest gods.

... ...the forest gods were not happy with my attempts to shortchange them on the words. They wanted more. And demanding buggers that they are, they won.

Now this is a fully-outlined novel (probably a shorter one than my usual 80-100K romps) that may or may not be the beginning of a series (God help me). I think I love it, and I hope to work on it AFTER the New Amsterdam novel and around other projects. Likely be done with this one... eh... I'll give myself until mid 2015. A nice, long time that I hopefully will not need.

Beach House
After vacationing together, Henley and I have toyed with an idea of our next free-to-read collaborative project, which will likely center on a beach house meet-up among... friends. Both of us have to-do lists longer than we are collectively tall, so not sure when this will happen, but we have a lot of fun laughing about it. And there's something about writing for pure, unadulterated FUN that allows us to try things we wouldn't on our own or for pay.

That Kid Aaron's Story
New Amsterdam story eating my headspace. I really like Aaron. He'll probably be the one I tackle after writing Ellis and Bryce.

Chance, Ryuu, Lucian, Shea "Short Story"
Another New Amsterdam piece, this one more novella length. It's about half done, if I remember correctly, but it's been gathering dust for a while. Likely needs a rewrite and editing overhaul.

Clark & Daniel Side Story
...there's a lot of these. It's completely possible that someday I will finish one and find it a home. I do love writing Clark, and it'll be nice to get my claws into Daniel and show him to be all I know he can be.

Father Figure
A project for future attention involving an older man and younger kid, who is, of course, involved in some nasty semi-paranormal business.

Leather Lines
An idea about a series of short stories (eh... 8K-15K? Probably five of them. Male male for the most part.) that tell a whole story of a man venturing into Scene for the first time.

UPDATE: Pretty sure this'll be the Other Penname. Upon a recent visit to Nashville with Henley, West decided to show back up and tell me some more about his story. I think I've got most of it ready to go, and I hope to get started on it after I'm done with the next three novels or so. I have to say, this one's still painful to work on, here and there, but it's a good kind of pain. Lancing an old wound and letting it heal kind of pain. I'm going to do West, Bax, Caleb, Dade, Ella, Abigail, Ol' Charlie, Ethan, and everybody else in West's wide world justice. So help me, God.

I put this here as I'm still not sure if West will be a Kelly Wyre or Other Penname project. *laughs* Those of you who know my West know there's one hell of a story to tell here, but thankfully West is a patient kind of guy.

Dade, however, really isn't. *winks*

...g'lord. I suppose I'd better quit writing to-do lists and get to marking off some items. *laughs* Thank you so much, again, for stopping by. Feel free to say hi, and I look forward to updating on progress soon.


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