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WE ARE INFINITE! Stories & Contest


Hi everybody!

In order to celebrate the release of my novel Meet Me at the Gates on January 13th, 2015, I'm running a very special promotion. It's called the:

Contest & Giveaway

And I'm looking for a few good stories!

In my book, the main character Hydee dreams of another soul who has been entwined with hers for thousands of years. She knows beyond the shadow of a doubt that we, our individual souls, are infinite. We continue after we die. We were somewhere else before we were born. We are all connected. Who we are, what we do, and why we are here matter. Our beings and our energies are intrinsic to the nature of the Universe. We are the Universe, and it is us.

We're all made of star stuff. There's a little piece of God/Goddess/Everall/Universe/Choose Your Term for Higher Power in each and every one of us.

But sometimes, we forget. Tragedy happens. We get distracted. We get weighed down by burdens we choose and by those we don't. We lose sight of how we are a part of one another, be it by blood or by choice or by circumstance. We feel small and insignificant when nothing can be further from the truth. Every kind gesture, every smile at a stranger, every tithe to a cause in which you believe, every moment you celebrate a sunrise or a sunset, every time you rejoice over an accomplishment of a child or loved one, the good in the world thrives and spreads. Love is the only enduring power on earth. It's the power we have and can use in order to be agents of the Good Stuff. And that Good Stuff helps us wake up in the morning ready to take on whatever life has to offer.

With this contest, I hope to spread the good, and I need your help to do it!

What do we do, Kelly?

I'm looking for stories – personal anecdotes, memories, anything you want to share – that help remind us that we're infinite and not alone. Do you have a ghost story? Near death experience? Prophetic dream? Maybe a hunch that came true? How about a time when someone came into your life and helped you change your entire direction for the better? Do you want to share your experience finding spirituality? Did a friend save your life? Do you remember things from past lives? Was there a moment when you felt called to do something and it turned out so amazing that you believed, even if for a moment, that there was no such thing as coincidence?

THOSE are the stories I want to hear and to share.

Here's How It'll Work:

1. YOU send me the stories to

2. I will compile and post them as individual entries. If you're an author, I'd be happy to promote your latest release or a book that has to do with soul mates/past lives/things of the infinite nature.

Authors: send me your INFINITE STORY along with one book cover with blurb, your name and short bio, and up to three points of contact. I will be delighted to include that information with your contest entry. ANY genre goes. M/M, M/F, threesome, moresome, all some, paranormal, literary fiction, anything at all!

Everyone: send me your INFINITE STORIES! And if you have an etsy shop, a Deviant Art Gallery, a fanfiction site, a website, or something you'd like me to include with your story, just send that in your email. One site per entry, please.

Remember: the idea here is to SHARE THE GOOD! That includes books, art, and other goodies!

The Anon-E-Moose is welcome! If you have a story but don't want your name attached to it, that's completely fine. You'll give me information in confidence in regards to the contest, (email address and physical address should you win), and your story will be posted anonymously.

3. Each INFINITE STORY will be an entry for the GRAND PRIZE!

∞ $25 Amazon gift card 
 Ebook Copy of Meet Me at the Gates

4. Each INFINITE STORY blog post will be promoted. I'll be posting them on my blog and pimping them on social media. Facebook communities, Tumblr, Twitter, you name it. It'll get shared far and wide, and there will be a master list with ALL the stories that will get shared/seen over and over again.

5. Posting will be based on number of entries. If I have enough for several a day, then it'll be several a day. If I have enough for once a week, then it'll be once a week. It's up to you!

6. The posts and official contest will start on DECEMBER 29TH 2014 and posting will continue through FEBRUARY 8TH 2015. If you want your story posted on a specific date in that range, let me know. YOU MAY SUBMIT ENTRIES UP UNTIL FEBRUARY 8TH!

7. Don't have a story but want to spread the love and get in on the action? PROMOTE THE CONTEST! Every Twitter retweet, every Facebook share, and every Tumblr reblog will constitute an entry into the contest! Don’t worry; my detail gnomes and their spreadsheet-fu will keep track of every effort to spread the Good.

Info about sharing the love right HERE.

8. Have questions? CHECK OUT THE FAQ! Or feel free to email me!

Everyday magic happens all the time. Connections are made every second. The chances to offer love and goodness are infinite.

Just like us.

Let's spread some Light!
Much love,
Kelly Wyre

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Follow me/spread the love via social media:
Twitter: @kelly_wyre

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